When Should You Ideally Review Your Mutual Fund Investment Schemes?

14 Jan 2019

Mutual fund investment schemes are a favorite among many. There is a strong reason supporting this too. They offer benefits like nothing else and this facilitates the varied needs of customers, who are looking for ways to either obtain high returns on their investments or protect their valuable capital. They are one of the most profitable forms of investment in India.

Mutual Funds Investment Plans in India are handled by expert people, who are termed as mutual fund managers. They are thoroughly experienced and will help their clients benefit from this kind of scheme. However, the selection of the most suitable one needs to be done in the right way. Only then will you be able to reap off its benefits and soak in the joys that they bring along.

So, how to go by the selection process? You can rely on a competent financial advisor for this purpose. They will guide you to take the most sensible steps, determine your needs and only then choose mutual funds on a number of bases. At Wealthclock Advisors you can expect to get quality financial advice and other services, that will help you out in numerous ways. 

Most investors are often confused when it comes to reviewing their investment schemes. Should one review them on a frequent basis? We have helped our customers, whenever they had similar doubts. We have a bunch of experts who will provide you the best help that will positively influence your life. We say that, when it comes to mutual fund investment scheme reviews, an investor should consider a series of factors. We will have a look at them below.

Things to consider while thinking about reviewing mutual fund schemes

There is a wide range of considerations that will help you in this process. Let's check them out below. 

  1. Financial goals
    1. We always lay emphasis on goal-based investing. How will this help? Well, when you set goals before beginning your financial journey, you will know the right direction and thus it will help you to progress seamlessly. There will be structured financial planning as a result of goal setting. Also, goal setting assists you in your review decisions.
    2. If you set long-term goals then you need not do frequent monitoring. You will have a lot of time in your hands to take the right decision or correct any mistakes. In the case of longer goals, annual reviews will do the trick with ease. But in the case of short-term goals, you need to frequently monitor the performance of your Mutual Funds Investment Plans in India for e.g on a quarterly basis. Sometimes these schemes demand quick action. 
  2. Nature of your investments
    1. The nature of your investment scheme can highly affect your review decision. Equity assets are incredibly volatile in nature. In the case of equity, short-term performance can be entirely misleading. Equity funds normally are long-term plans. So, if you are involved in such, then the ideal time after which you should review is 2- 3 years.
    2. In the case of debt funds, quarterly reviews are enough. At Wealthclock, you can expect to get the right guidance in this aspect from our expert bunch of advisors. 
  3. Nature of engagement 
    1. How you engage in the investment process, also determines the frequency of your review system. You can either invest through an asset management company or hire the services of a financial advisor. Your responsibilities and burden increase when you go with the former. Here, you need to frequently review your investment scheme and its performance. 

For better analysis, you need to do comparisons between the performances of your fund with that other similar presently available ones. Your strenuous efforts towards your investment scheme will highly influence its outcome. But in the case of financial advisors, a lot of your hard work is saved and you can leave a sigh of relief. 

Most financial advisors take a significant portion of the entire responsibility and thus spare their customers with the extra burden. They will review your investment performances and suggest the best relevant ways. At Wealthclock, you can expect this exact kind of service from us along with suggestions regarding the Top performing mutual funds in India. Our customers have a lot of good things to say about our services.

Other important considerations that will decide the review frequency

Tax situation - The tax situation of the investor can highly influence their review decisions. Why is this necessary? Well, whenever there is any change in the tax situation, you are required to review your investment portfolio. This is done to check how efficient they are in the changed situation. Therefore, it is best that you do not go through such hassles on your own.

Wealthclock Advisors promises to provide you with enhanced investment experience. The capability of our experts and the experience that they bring along will satisfy you beyond anything. 

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