What makes Mutual Funds a great way to start investing?

08 Aug 2019

For those who are starting out, mutual fund investments serve to be a wonderful and convenient way to invest their money. So, if you are one of them, then you will find mutual funds to be a pretty convenient way of investments. Also, if you don't have much time to do thorough research on stocks and bonds, then even in this case you can consider these immensely helpful funds.

So, what are mutual funds? In simpler words they are a collection of debt and/or equities, meaning a combination of stocks. When you purchase units of a fund, you buy an extremely small proportion of that collection of debt and equities. The whole process can get easier when you give your money over to a Mutual Fund manager.

They will take it and decide on the most suitable bond or stocks for your investment purposes. Mutual Funds are simply great for new investors. They are capable enough to provide the best returns at the end of the investment tenure and this gives investors the confidence to go for them instead.

Wealthclock Advisors are one of the best names when you are searching for capable financial advising firms. Our blog will tell you what makes mutual fund investments the ideal choice for new investors.

7 convincing reasons why mutual funds are the best choice for new investors

  1. Easy to get started with - They are perhaps the easiest investment avenue to get into. As for documents, all you require is a bank account and PAN card details. One need not bother with any other stuff and simply get their mutual fund account opened in an hassle-free way. With our expert services, we will get your mutual fund investment process started in no time! So, for a good investment experience, contact us.
  2. Diversification - Mutual funds help you invest the money in a variety of asset classes and sectors of the industry. So basically, this gives you the ownership of different stocks and bonds. Your money is spread out and you don't keep all your eggs in a single basket. This, in turn, diversifies your portfolio and lowers the volatility. Also, a diverse portfolio grows steadily over time. So, this is one of the major advantages of going for this kind of fund.
  3. Lower costs - Most people lack sufficient resources or the time to buy many individual stocks. There is a lot of research work needed along with constant monitoring after buying. It can increase the overall costs too. Mutual Funds can come as a survivor here. They can manage millions on behalf of their investors. This makes the whole buying and selling process an easier one and also help in reducing the costs. To know about the most helpful mutual funds for your goals, visit us at your earliest convenience.
  4. Low minimum investment - With Mutual Funds, you need not worry about heavy investment initially. Start investing in them with as little as Rs 1000. So, this makes the investment in mutual funds a truly easier process and you will be benefitted as an investor. Being one of the top financial advisors, we will recommend this process and the low minimum investment is one of the top reasons for this.
  5. Professional Management - As said above, you can have a Mutual Fund manager beside you. They, along with analysts, wake up every morning with just one goal, to research, analyze, and study present and potential holdings for their mutual fund. Along with these experts, you can expect to get the best funds that will help you meet your set goals. Mutual Funds have the potential to turn your goals into reality. Just take the best steps in order to ensure a good investment experience!
  6. Systematic Investment Plans - SIPs make it simple to invest regularly in this type of fund with as little as Rs 500 every month. Once you register your bank mandate with a good mutual fund company or an investment advisor, they can pull the money directly from your bank account and invest it on your behalf. This is the benefit of investing online. The money moves directly from the bank account to the mutual fund company. So, invest in mutual funds online and have a great overall experience.
  7. Transparency about where the money is invested - The bonds and stocks which you purchase are publicly available for display. This presents proper transparency and you can see what the fund manager is up to. An ideal fund manager would send you detailed reports. They should also make this information available to you on their website in the form of a factsheet. So, these are the top 7 reasons why you should go for mutual funds at the start of your investment career. Contact us for any further queries or questions.

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