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14 Jan 2019

Mutual fund investment schemes are extremely popular in this part of the world. Do you know why? Well, they have a range of benefits that easily surpass that of other similar available ones. No wonder they are so loved by the people of India! If you are thinking about investing your valuable sum of money in a safe and secured investment scheme, then this will serve to be the perfect solution to your financial needs. 

But for succeeding in the financial world, that often gets too complicated for people, you need a competent financial advisor supporting you. They will act like a true friend who will guide you the right way and thus help you in achieving results, that maybe you didn't think about earlier! Wealthclock Advisors operate with the same goal and so, you can expect to have a fine investment experience with us. 

But now, let's understand mutual funds a bit more. In India, the process of financial investment is often perceived as 'complex' or 'risky' by most people. Many ask themselves, 'Will I lose my money if I invest it in some scheme?'. In general, people react like this naturally, when it comes to financial investments. But Mutual funds have greatly changed the scenario and more people are voluntarily becoming a part of them. So, what is the reason behind this?

Mutual funds come with a handful of benefits. They offer you the benefits of a diversified investment portfolio, that will reduce the margin of risk and losses considerably. They are considered to be Safe Investments with High Returns in India. The process is quite simple and one can invest with smaller amounts initially.

You will find a lot of variety in the types of mutual fund schemes. This will suit the different needs of different people. Let's go through them below

The kinds of available mutual funds where you can invest in

Today, there are lots of options available for you, when it comes to mutual funds. The right financial advisor will make you aware of every one of them and suggest you the most suitable one of all, that has the potential to satisfy your individual goals and needs. So, let's go through them below.

  1. Based on structure
    1. Open-ended funds: - This kind of fund allows for the purchase or redemption of units all throughout the year. The best thing about this form of investment is that they will allow investors to continue with their investments for as long as they desire. There are no such limitations on the investment amount. 
    2. Close-ended funds: - This type of fund allows investors to purchase units only in time of the initial offer period. Investors can only redeem their units at a particular maturity date. You will often find these schemes listed on the stock exchange for trade
  2. Based on the asset class

    1. Equity funds - With these funds, people can invest in the equity shares of firms. Most financial advisors consider them as high-risk funds. But when it comes to high returns, you can count on them
    2. Debt fund - This particular type of funds invests in the debt instruments. Some examples include government bonds, company debentures etc. They are often rated as Safe Investments with High Returns in India.
    3. Hybrid funds - They invest in different asset classes. In a few cases, the proportion of debt is higher than equity while it is completely opposite in other cases. Returns, as well as risks, are balanced out in a fine way.
  3. Based on the investment objective
    1. Growth funds - This kind of funds is extremely risky. However, if you are looking for something that will provide you with high returns on your investments, then this is the ideal choice. For the best Risk-Based Fund Recommendation in India, contact us today
    2. Income funds - Under this specific scheme, an investor can invest his money in fixed-income schemes like debentures, bonds etc. This is done for gaining capital protection along with regular income.
    3. ELSS - These are mainly associated with equity shares. Investments made here are qualified for deductions as per the Income Tax Act. They are very risky too, but if they perform well then they will give you more than satisfactory returns.

Some easy ways to select the most suitable mutual fund

There are a number of ways that will help you out in this process. At first, you need to set your financial goals. Your goals will determine the right mutual fund investment scheme. Also, when you set a goal, you are clear about what you are expecting from your investment scheme. Your advisor can also help you to formulate your goals and suggest the best plans.

There is another crucial thing that you must remember here. The risk that you can take will help you to sort things out a lot. The funds that are the riskiest ones tend to produce the best results in the end. Wealthclock Advisors will help you to choose a mutual fund scheme that will let you fulfill your dreams and live your life financially secured.

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