Do you know what's the best time to invest in mutual funds?

14 Jan 2019

Investments are steps that are needed to be taken with utmost care and after careful thinking. The financial world can give rise to a lot of tricky moments and in such moments, even the most experienced investors sometimes tend to slip and commit mistakes that cost them high. Therefore, it is important that you stay active all throughout your investment time. 

You can do another sensible thing. Contact a competent financial advisor and let them take responsibility for a significant portion of the entire financial investment work. We at Wealthclock Advisors have a team of highly capable experts who will stop at nothing to ensure that your investment process remains a smooth one throughout. 

We always suggest our clients, who come to us asking about the best kind of investment plans, to put their money into mutual funds. Our years of experience and highly effective analyses make us believe that this form of investment is bound to offer benefits and returns that cannot be compared with others. 

They, most of the times, remain on the higher side. And this is a major reason behind their growing popularity! Let's now understand the best and most fruitful time to invest in mutual funds. They are often termed as the best investment plan with high returns in India.

Find out the right time to invest in mutual fund plans

Actually, you can invest in this kind of investment scheme any time you like. However, we will make you aware of some situations, which will offer you the best opportunity to reap off high benefits from them. These scenarios have the ability to offer you fast growth as well as high returns. So, when you ask yourself, what's the right time to buy mutual funds, the answer is:

  • When the market is rock bottom
  • When bond yields are the highest
  • When real estate, as well as infrastructure, are very low

These above points in time depict the ideal scenario for you to start investing in mutual fund investment schemes. However, speaking from a practical point of view, such time never comes.

So, it becomes impossible for any financial advisor to define such a moment, specifically tell you when to invest and guarantee you that you can enrich yourself from such moments. Therefore, ideally, the best time for Mutual Funds Investment Plans in India would be now.

The factors that influence the best mutual fund investment time

Now, you have understood that the ideal investment time does not exist and so, you need to begin the investment process from today onwards! Follow every basic rule, consult an expert financial advisor and get good returns on your investment. But now, let's have a look at the several factors that will influence your selection of the investment time period.

  • Market positioning - Many of us love a low-risk investment phase. So, as per this, the ideal time would be when the market starts to improve after a setback. But those, who do not fear taking risks can go for Mutual Funds Investment Plans in India at any time. 
  • Return on investment - For those investors who love to obtain high returns on their money spent may invest in equity driven funds and have the luxury of investing any time. They need not wait for the market to hit rock bottom. A lot of such people choose the best investment plan with high returns in India and not go for long-term schemes
  • Risk appetite - A lot of investors prefer safe returns and so they do not indulge in any risk-based mutual funds. But if you are someone, who has already invested in different market schemes like FD, PPF etc, you may give a good thought about selecting high-return funds that have a higher risk factor but are mostly guaranteed to provide quicker and higher returns.

Which investment mode is the best one?


As per most other experts, in case of mutual funds, SIPs are the best one. We too believe in this statement. Today, a lot more Indians are preferring mutual fund investment plans over other kinds of investment schemes. If you are thinking the same, then we would recommend Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) as the most effective way to invest in a market.


What's the best part about SIP?  Well, with this kind of scheme, you need not think about the best time in case of investment and neither ponder about the highs and lows of the financial market. It gives investors a lot of flexibility and is also a safe one in many respects. At Wealthclock Advisors, we will recommend you to go for a SIP plan, if you want to play it safe and worry less. 

You can always get the right team of experts at Wealthclock Advisors. We will clear any doubt of yours, explain the best ways to make your investment a successful one and stay with you throughout your entire investment journey. Click Here to sign up and start your investment journey 


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