Are you receiving less than the normal market return? Know the reasons here

28 Jan 2019

A lot of us invest with the plan to get a good sum of money as a return. But most of us are not able to do so. Do you know why? We will discuss here in this blog. A lot of us invest in certain financial tools based upon their return results showed on websites. But when the actual time for returns come, we are left disappointed as this is certainly not what we expected.

Well, we have seen a lot of people approach us with this issue or different versions of the same. We will discuss the reasons behind this in this blog. At Wealthclock Advisors, you can expect any kind of financial solution from us and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Go through the rest of the blog and know the reasons in depth.

Whenever our customers ask the question that why they receive less than the general market return, then there may be several reasons behind this. Two of them being their investment behavior or how they do the comparisons i.e in terms of product comparison or time frame. Let's go through the reasons in depth below.

The reasons for receiving less than the general market returns

At Wealthclock Advisors, you will get to know the best way to invest online in Mutual funds. But other than this, we will also help you in clearing every doubt of yours, so that you can kickstart your investment process in a smooth way. Let's check out those reasons below.

  • Investment behaviour - How you handle your investment portfolio affects your returns in a huge way. If you are one of those who reacts to the volatile nature of the market and takes severe investment related decisions based on that such as stopping your schemes, then it will leave a huge impact on your returns.  This is, however, irrespective of the fact that you are doing comparisons for the similar time frame i.e whether 5 or 7 years. The truth is that if you invest just depending on the market timing then chances are that you will fail. We as competent financial advisors advice our clients to keep on investing despite a volatile market condition
  • Wrong time frame - A lot of investors calculate and compare the wrong time frame. What a lot of us do is, compare the one year return of a fund with a contrasting period of your holding. When you compare the single year return of 20% with that of your annualized (IRR) return of about 14% in the similar fund, it will seem different if the time period was of 2 years and a majority of those returns came in the last year itself.
  • Investment mode  - There are different kind of investments available like for instance, Mutual Funds Investment Plans in India and so you need to compare properly between any two of them, so as to obtain the right information. For e.g, if you are thinking about investing in a SIP plan and check out the returns from other investment tools instead, then you are highly misguided. This is where a skilled financial advisor comes into the picture. Our team of expert advisors will provide the right information to you along with the right guidance so that you take the correct investment-related decision. When it comes to surviving the complexities of the financial world, we will help you out.

Some other reasons behind the same

These are some of the most common reasons behind receiving lesser returns than the general market return. Even if you have taken good care of each and every one of them, your fund may still generate ineffective returns when compared to other similar ones. This is a time when you should begin evaluating the fund choice of yours.

When you do this, you should also consider that there is a possibility of you holding a poor performing fund in your investment portfolio. There could be several other reasons for your comparison to not work in your favor. Never compare the returns of one asset allocated portfolio with those of a pure equity index. 


We have also seen instances where an investor has received lesser returns because they had a few funds in their portfolio, that pulled down the overall returns. There are many such instances. So, what you should do, when facing such depressing results, you should contact a capable financial advisor to take care of such problems. We are someone you can count on. 

With Wealthclock Advisors, you will get the best advising service that will solve any of your problems related to the world of finance for e.g you can know about the best investment plan with high returns in India. We use our experience to do the best market analysis and provide our customers with the most impactful recommendations or services

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