Are you in your 30s? Then this the ideal time to buy a term insurance

25 Jan 2019

A lot of things happen when you reach the age of 30. By this time everyone becomes a responsible adult and they start thinking about having a remarkable career with decent pay. You start prioritizing things like financial stability, being committed to relationships, marriage plans etc. 

There is a contrasting turnaround in mindset when someone reaches this age as they start thinking about buying a house, a car for the family etc. Your goals become long-term and a lot family oriented, as you begin planning each and every step very carefully for the future. But what about those moments that have the potential to leave your family in a state of grave financial crisis? 

Have you considered them? The future is an uncertain one and so it is up to you how you handle your life and that of others linked with you. A day may come when you may not be around anymore. What will happen to your family then? This is precisely why you should go for term insurance. 

When you reach the age of 30, that is precisely the right time to go for term insurance. It is a smart decision that is always backed by a financial advisor. We too follow the same way and advise our customers to get their term insurance done. In order to ensure that your family is financially well supported, in your absence, then this is the right approach. Let's check out the reasons that support this.

Some top reasons to indulge in term insurance as you reach the age of 30

At Wealthclock Advisors, you will find a group of expert people who will stop at nothing and suggest you the best investment plan with high returns in India so that you can have success in your financial activities. Now, let us explain how beneficial it is to go for term insurance, even before you reach the age of 30.

  • Start early to ensure lower premium - People who haven't reached their 30s are a lot fit and some of the most common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes haven't taken a toll on their body yet. If you are one of them, then get term insurance done before the age of 30. This is said because when you buy this kind of insurance at a younger age, you will have a very low premium. Also, term insurance is provided upon thorough medical check-up. As a result, insurance companies may decline you their services owing to your lifestyle-related disease. Therefore, go for it at an early age!
  • Tax saving - You can get the most efficient financial planning and advice in Wealthclock Advisors. Here, you will always get the best advice regarding how to save tax in a proper way and thus save money to fulfill your wishes. In this case, we will also recommend buying term insurance based on the logic that this is a huge tax saving step. The premium paid towards the purchase of a term insurance plan is included as an investment under 80c deductions. The money that you save in tax and can keep in hand is vital for the fulfillment of a lot of wishes, that you desire to come true. Check out our website and you will find a range of services that will delight you.
  • Most recommended option - Financial advisors are of great help when we face difficulties in deciding the top performing mutual funds in India or the right financial planning process or other related processes. When our clients come to us seeking advice for walking the right financial path, we at most times recommend them this method. There are different reasons behind so.One of the most impactful ones is that this form of insurance will let you solve the much bigger risk of death. 
  • Term plan provided by the employer may not be the best one - You must not just rely on the term plan that your employer offers. As you reach your 30s, this is the ideal time for you to grow and explore the ways of rising in your career. During this time, you must also check out the different term plans available that will benefit you in ways you desire.

Our verdict

We believe as one turns 30, they need to tweak and modify their ways of living and start giving priorities to a lot of serious subjects. Life is unpredictable and everyone desires to live in a hassle-free manner. But seldom our wishes come true. Life presents us with a range of surprises that are too bitter to handle. 

So, to take care of them, get hold of the right term insurance and live a secured life. If you have any doubts regarding this, then contact us today and let us guide you in the right way. Our team of expert advisors will present the most suitable suggestions that will suit your needs.

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