How it works

Our purpose is making investing simple and fun. Traditionally investment is perceived as a daunting task meant only for avid market followers and analysists. Our purpose at Wealthclock is to make investing as simple as booking movie tickets online. Follow the 4/5 simple steps to a secure future. Happy investing!

How our investment process works


  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for financial planning –our services are personalized keeping all your needs in mind. We understand that every user has different reasons for investing. Some may want to invest for a house, for a holiday or simply to park their surplus funds for short or long term. All these users have different risk appetites, ideal holding period and periodicity of investment.
  • Short term and long term goals - Our financial planners can help you reach your goals for any kind of investment period. Start investing to make sure you have saved enough money for the retirement you want or a much deserved holiday or for your dream destination wedding. It's never too early to invest!
  • Full fledged financial advisory for those who are not sure what they want to do with their money. We understand your various needs and offer multiple plans to meet your many goals. Our advisors keep in mind your investment convenience and priorities before investing.



We use two pillars to ensure that you create wealth in the manner best suited to you. These two pillars are:

  • The “right” asset allocation -By this we mean your investment has the right mix of funds , I,e, equity and debt, that are best suited to your risk appetite and goals. Our recommended portfolio will be different for someone who is risk averse, has a large portfolio and is nearing retirement, as opposed to someone who is 30 years old, has a smaller portfolio and is willing to face some volatility for higher returns. Many studies have shown that the “right” asset allocation is the most critical variable in creating sustained wealth over the long term, but is often the most overlooked aspect. The asset allocation evolves as the portfolio matures and investor requirements change. We help you create and maintain the right balance of assets, over the life of your portfolio.
  • The “right” funds -There are no “best funds” in our view-only “right funds”. So we recommend the funds which suit your profile best. For instance, a fund might be the “best performing fund” in its category, but that simply means that its returns are the best over one time period-it doesn’t take into account that it has been very volatile in giving those returns. For a conservative investor who prefers stable and stress-free investments, such fund may not be the right pics. On the other hand the same fund may be right for aggressive investors looking for high returns.

Welathclock's algorithms will ensure that you invest in the right mix of funds and the right funds. The ideal mix will keep changing as per your requirements and maturity of portfolio.



We recommend just 4 funds in each categories

Criteria used for shortlisting the funds

Criteria 1

Age of the Fund

Funds with proven track record of 10 years. This reduces short term bias towards any fund which have performed better due to market conditions.

Criteria 2

Portfolio Manager Managing the fund Since

Wealth creation is a long term process and we strongly believe that investing with a long term vision pays heft dividends. Hence we like funds in which the portfolio manager has been managing with minimum of 7 years.

Criteria 3


We look at the weighted average performance of the funds over a 1, 3,5, 7 and 10 year period. Only the funds with high returns are picks

Criteria 4


We look for funds consistency as an important factor and so we select only those funds which have beaten the benchmark on a consistent basis

Criteria 5

Efficient Returns

We give equal emphasis on the risk the portfolio manager has taken. We apply the Information Ratio and the Sharpe ratio to determine the funds risk adjusted return.



There are really three things everyone needs to keep in mind when thinking about their own financial planning:

  • The first is expectations: if you want to live like a king you need to come up with a plan to accumulate enough funds to do so.  The accumulation to live like a pauper is much lower.  So expectations are very important. 
  • The second is accumulating.  You need to accumulate commensurately with your expectations.  A person desiring to live like a king needs to accumulate great wealth, a person satisfied to live like a pauper requires much less. 
  • The third is spending.  Each time you spend you need to keep the expectation in line.  Spending now may make it harder to live like a king later while spending now may make it easier to live like a pauper. 

All three require decisions to be made constantly, whether these decisions are made consciously or unconsciously are up to you.



When are you most likely to do a reality check on your investments? Is it when they’re doing well? Or is it when the markets are down and you’re nervous? Chances are it is the latter, which may not be the optimal time to make investment decisions, particularly if emotions are high. That’s why taking the time to do an annual review of your investments and other financial matters makes sense. “Think of it as if you were driving on a dangerous road. That’s not when you check your brakes and tires. You do that before, so you know they are in good shape.”

An annual financial checkup can accomplish many things. You can stop and think about your family’s financial goals, such as saving for retirement, a house, or a child’s education. You can consider reducing taxes on your investments, protecting your income, or building a financial cushion. Once you are clear on your goals, you can then work on ensuring that you are investing appropriately for those goals.

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Wealthclock makes investing simple, safe and convenient. We offer mutual fund investment and financial markets advisory over the friendly and interactive online platform that makes investing fun for all first-time investors. With the help of advance tools, detailed market analysis and team of expert advisors, Wealthclock ensures that the users are on top of their game. Come and watch your investment grow.

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