Some simple ways to create a mighty investment plan

29 Nov 2018

Investment planning is one of the most important steps that you need to take today in order to become financially independent and to secure, both your present and future. This process is an integral part of financial planning. Before indulging here, do remember to hire the services of an expert financial advisor.

Their invaluable suggestions and recommendations will greatly magnify your investment planning process and ensure, you meet the set goals that you were hoping to achieve through this. Well, it is a known fact that the probability of you reaching your set financial targets depends a lot on how you go by your investment planning process. This explains how vital it is!

Let’s know a bit more about this particular finance related process in details below.

An insight into investment planning

This process has been defined in various ways. But let me put it forward to you in simpler terms. The investment process planning involves placing your valuable money or funds into appropriate investment vehicles as per your pre-determined financial goals as well as the time period set to achieve them.

A very important point that you need to consider here is the risk that you will be able to truly afford. But normally in such a process, investors give more importance to the returns on their invested money rather than concentrating on their planned financial goals. How much you receive at the end is directly proportional to what kind of schemes you invest your money in.

We often face the dilemma of choosing one seemingly lucrative investment scheme over other similar ones. The truth is, not all of them are truly so as they appear. They may cause you losses, beyond rectifications. So, what can be done about it?

Well, the most commonly used and rather sensible way is, contacting a capable financial advisor, who knows about the present investment world in details. They will guide you to choose the best investment plan with high returns in India and let your financial planning flourish!

So, hire the best one today and go for one exciting investment ride. Meanwhile, let’s check out the steps involved in this process, below.

  1. Identification of financial goals - Financial goals depend from person to person. While some may set goals to buy their own house, others may set financial plans for ensuring their children’s educational needs are well met. You can set your goals depending on their priority. This first step needs to be dealt with very carefully as it is the stepping stone for selecting safe investments with high returns in India.

  2. Risk affordability analysis - You have to judge your own risk-taking ability. Investments come with risks, but their margin varies from one another. There are particular psychometric tests available that can be utilized to measure how much risk you can take. The risk profiles vary from aggressive to medium to conservative.

  3. Identification of time frame for goals - Every financial goal needs a set time frame for the achievement of success. You need to divide your goals into categories like short, medium and long-term ones. This is an essential step and will directly affect your investment decision.

  4. Identification of financial instruments - Now comes the ultimate stage of this process. This stage involves choosing safe investments with high returns in India that can assist you in the process. This selection should be done on the basis of the above points. You can also take the help of a competent financial advisor for this step, as you may not be aware of the efficiency of the different investment schemes.

These were the steps involved. Such a process demands that you take every step with utmost care and after deep thinking. There are certain things to ponder upon here. Go on and read about them below. 
There are a few things that you must know before you jump into the best investment plan with high returns in India. These will let you enjoy a better experience.

  • Dynamic in nature – Both investment, as well as financial planning, are continuous in nature. Your economic profile and goals may change with time. So, accommodate your investments accordingly.
  • Realistic in approach – your investment approach must be realistic in nature. You must set goals after carefully considering different factors like job stability, savings rate, future income etc. The goals must be attainable in nature
  • Diversification – a good financial advisor will always recommend that you have a diversified investment portfolio. Investing heavily in just one product will increase your risks.

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