Advisor Zaruri Hai ? Doing It Yourself May Be Costing You Money

26 Dec 2018

If you’re a “self-directed” investor, you probably have valid reasons for your choice. You consider yourself to be market savvy. You don’t see the value of paying someone else. And you enjoy the challenge of investing. But here’s the problem: Most individual investors would be better off flipping burgers.

According to our experience with our 2,00,000 registered users and 43,678 portfolio reviews, 4 out of 5 people who do it, lose money-and only 1 in 100 does it well enough to be described as “consistently profitable.”

There are a number of reasons for this. Many individuals either buy too many funds thus over diluting their returns capability or selling too frequently when the market falls temporarily thus booking losses permanently out of fear of lossing more or taking an informed decison. They also have to pay exit loads, STT, and other taxes. And there is the opportunity cost-the price of hours spent trading that you could have spent doing something else.

Who needs an Advisor? 

If you’ve ever considered working with an equity advisor, you’ve probably asked yourself if it’s a service you need. Of course, you would expect people in the industry to say you definitely need an advisor, but the truth is, it depends on you. To determine whether you would benefit from investment advice, you need to honestly assess your situation.

You should ask yourself :- 

  1. Do I have the skills and experience to perform understand the funds performance with respect to its risk it is taking in generating the returns, It's Sharpe Ratio, the Manger experience in managing the fund and etc 
  2. Do I have the desire and the time to do it myself?
  3. Am I highly disciplined in equity investments-for instance, will I follow my plan even during a market downturn, or will I panic and sell?

Some people can answer yes to these questions, and may not need an advisor. But for others, the value of an advisor may outweigh the costs.

What’s it worth to have a financial “co-pilot”?

Working with an advisor may also pay off in ways that go beyond strictly financial advice-it’s like having a trusted “co-pilot” to help keep you on course as your life unfolds. 

Choosing the Right advisor.

Throughout this guide, we have discussed the value of but not all advisors are equal. When you’re considering candidates, it’s important to find out individual details. Questions you should ask include

  1. Are you a registered Investment Adviser? Having a  registered investment adviser is essential, because it means they must always act in the client’s best interests. advisors in general, and how working with an advisor may be able to provide real value—and help you stay on track.
  2. What kind of service can I expect? Your advisor should guide you with well researched companies to build your portfolio —and should offer you the personal attention you deserve.
  3. Will you help me on my existing Portfolio? Your advisor should be able to provide you with complete guidance on your existing portfolio.
  4. Will you realign my existing Portfolio? Your advisor should carry out an overhaul of your portfolio and help you pick winning funds.
  5. Will you completely track my Portfolio? Your advisor should help you track your portfolio so that you are kept abreast of how the market impacts it.
  6. Will I have an access to Research Experts? Your advisor should allocate a dedicated relationship manager and provide access to research analysts who can assist you with your queries.

At Wealthclock Advisors, we bring to you all these skills backed by years of intensive research, usage of cutting-edge technology and in-depth experience of our research analysts.

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Our advisory services are built on the principles of selecting portfolio based on extensive screening, rigorous due diligence and focus on valuations to ensure optimal investment returns. 

We firmly believe in providing advisory and assistance to every client equally.

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